San Antonio Does New Orleans

I am sitting here at a local cafe sipping on a cappuccino and a mad case of writer's block (the non-story of my life) attempting to provide these fine folks with the narrative they deserve. So, I take a bite out of my chocolate chip cookie (breakfast of champions, I know) to feed my blogging menace and instantly start thinking about baking... and marriage.

Baking is a precise science... messy, but precise. I know this from personal experience and repetitive failure. It takes a deep knowlege of both ingredients and execution to produce the most delectible concoction. Much like marriage it takes patience. It takes understanding. It takes a perfect connection. The way I choose my clients is no different.

I am old school when it comes to the art of communication. When Clare and I first spoke via phone I instantly knew I was in. The stories she shared to highlight her relationship with her hubby-to-be mimicked my own and I couldn't help but return the gift of sharing. She knew what she wanted and what she wanted was to give me her full trust. For me, this is the "it." This is the most valuable ingredient in a client/photographer relationship.

On their wedding day Clare and Logan greeted me with open arms even though we had never met in person. I instantly felt at home and this theme ran true throughout the entire day. Happy-go-lucky, magnetizing, rowdy (in every single good way), soulful, and sweet are words I would use to describe the individuals I had the pleasure of meeting that day... but, mostly sweet (like this cookie). Cheers to Mr. and Mrs. Rodgers! Thank you, again, for your trust and for the pleasure of sharing your day with me. You two are the Double Stuf.

Bridal Dress: Watters Bridal

Jewelry: M. Spalten Jewlery | Jess Leigh Jewels

Flowers: Meade Wenzel

Coordinator : Unique Weddings NOLA

Catering: Joel's Catering

Hair/Make Up - Just Face It Beauty

Music: Nola Dukes Band

Venue: Il Mercato

Hotel: Hotel Monteleone