I had been praying to find the words for these two and my first attempt at an official blog post in, well, years. I was driving home last night and Sam Smith's "Writings On The Wall" came across the radio waves. I belted out a few sorry notes and quickly realized not only am I still a terrible singer, but Sam had all the words I needed to describe these two. I'm not one to go quoting too many lyrics, so go ahead and click that link to get a taste of the theatrical and over-the-top love this couple has for one another. It's drama... in all goodness of the word. It's lavish. It's glamorous. It's beaded and studded with rhinestones and sequins and still so very tasteful. It's the kind of love that young girls dream of and married woman revisit in a chick flick. However, it's real.

When I first met with Kristina to discuss booking her wedding day, she said to me while sipping her coffee in the most endearing manner, "I know what I like. I know what I want. I like art. And that's what I want." Shortly after we met as a trio and I got the blessed chance to connect with her and Stven for the first time as a couple. Yes, I spelled that correctly. The spelling is as unique and interesting as he. Watching them through the lens was a sight. It was honest. It was beautifully refined by the choices of garb, but true. The nose nuzzles, the hand holding, the slight caresses of the cheek were not guided by me. They were natural. It was art direction at its finest.

Their wedding day doesn't need an intro. I think Sam still has it right. It was them. Theatrical and twinkling light. Enjoy a very small sneak peek of their day. I am so happy to call these two friends. It is an honor. It's inspiring.

XOXO Tina and Stven. For you, I risk it all. You know, because, the writing's on the wall.

Venue: Louisiana's Old State Capital

Hair: A. Marcelite Salon

Makeup: Just Face It Beauty